Sign up for service

We are now ready to begin our sign up process. We would like to know everyone who is interested in our freedomFIBER services so we have developed a three phase sign up process.

1. In Service - This means construction has been completed and we are ready to begin installing in your area. When your address is in this area, and you complete the application process, you will receive communication from our customer service department and will be presented with a contract to complete. We are requiring a one year contract term for our residential customers and a two year contract from our business customers.

2. Pre-Registration - We have approval from our board of directors to build in this area, but haven't completed the necessary construction to begin installations. We need for you to go ahead and sign up because this will help us begin scheduling and reaching out to you when the services become available.

3. Interested - We still want you to fill out the registration form because this lets us know how many people in each area are interested and may help determine where we go next.